tulisan di bawah ini adalah hasil jiplakan dari website UQISA di http://www.uqisa.org.

Sambil belajar di negeri orang (Australia), Bejo mencoba berkiprah untuk organisasi student di UQ. Hitung-hitung cari pengalaman siapa tahu berguna kelak kalau menjadi bos he he he…….


What is UQISA
UQISA is one of the clubs and societies affiliated to the UQ Union. It is an ethnic based club/society which basically belongs to Indonesian student studying at UQ. However, its membership is open to all UQ communities that interested in becoming a member. UQISA aims at promoting and facilitating academic, personal and social developments of Indonesian students in UQ.

UQISA Committee
In organizing its activities, UQISA is governed by a committee consisting of the executive and coordinating committee annualy elected in the Annual Grand Meeting(AGM). Executive commitee includes president, secretary, and treasurer while coordinating committee includes program coordinators dealing with specific section of UQISA’s activities, such as scientific forums, recreations, sport events, art and cultural performances, social activities, BBQ,etc.

What Can UQISA Do For You?
UQISA offers various activities for you to join during the year. To support academic developments, UQISA occasionally conducts scientific forums such as seminars and discussions based on members’ interests. It also organizes sporting events to help you the opportunity to explore the beauty of Queensland in particular and Australia in general. Special for new students, UQISA attempts to help them with their ’survival issues’ on their first arrival in Australia such as providing them temporary accommodations and getting them around ‘vital’ shopping centres. In order to keep you living in an Indonesian atmosphere, UQISA ‘preserves’ some of Indonesian cultural heritages by occasionally performing Indonesian traditional arts and cultures such as, angklung orchestra, and traditional dances. In addition, UQISA will always keep you informed about the Indonesian important dates, events, and development.

UQISA Organizational Structure (2006/2007)
President : Sitti Maesuri ( president@uqisa.org )
Secretary : Saptono Wignyokarsono ( secretary@uqisa.org) Treasurer : Rudiyansyah ( treasurer@uqisa.org )

Si Bejo posisinya ada di mana ya…? si Bejo ada di posisi secretary….