Like What I previously indicated in my recent post, I have a barrage of things that pounding me in Eid Mubarak event. Started from Friday 12, got up and opened the laptop to finalize the group assignment. Beside that there was Business taxation’s OL quiz which I gotta prepared. Time was running so fast until I forced to do the OL test. How luckily I was, spending two hours reading on green Book (The material book of Business Taxation) I got 70%. I thought that I ve got the reasonable pay off.

How can I prepare for the big day of last Ramadhan, If the huge pile of Junkmail already there waiting to be folded. It have to be folded and wrapped for week-end delivery (Saturday or Sunday). I felt that I got no time to do that, but I managed to fold them at night (Friday evening) – that was the night before 1 Syawal.

That Friday, the to do list was, got up, OL test, attending the friday praying, paying zakah fitrah via MSA-UQ, sending the FSA Assignemnt and at last folding the junkmail. I was feeling unwell at until that time from the last break fastingin Musholla when I suddenly felt pain in my lower chest. Luckily that pain now (Monday) is over..

Saturday 13’th of October, I went house mates going to pray Idul Fitri at Guyyat park. There hundreds of people already waiting for sholat. While waiting, they recited Takbir and Tahmid and many chattering to each other. After Sholat, handshakes, and like usual standing in queue for breakfast. That was so hard because I still got pain in my lest lower chest. Then I went home sleeping all morning till afternoon and then going to Pujiastuti’s open house. Debby’s calling reminded me to collect the junkmail for week-end delivery…

The late afternoon, I joined with some fellow Indonesians with the “bedah buku” event. And at night I folded the junkmail e eh he…

Sunday, 14 of October 2007, I rushed in to the garage to finish the junkmail and delivering them afterward to taringa area. The peak event I gues was in Pak HB’s House in Logan. The Indonesians society were there for Halal Bil Halal. I was so happy, many friends were there and the foods were so fantastic. The late afternoon, againI with B’ completed the paddington area.