Even before I arrived in Brisbane, my colleague (Mr Sulistyo) had already been looking a house for me. He chosed a beautiful house in front of Munro field, which belongs to John Liew. The house was relatively cheap (only 90 dollar at that time/ Jan 2006) , that price included electricity bill, gas and water. The house is situated in 251 Carmody road.

It was a wooden house, although not spacious, I thought that the house has fulfilled my needs. As a new one who has just started to live in Brisbane, I did not have much stuff , so the 7’th room in the house which has 2.5m X 2 m was enough for me. Inside the room, I only got bed, table and cupboard and space for praying.

Well actually, there were 2 separate houses. The front house has got 4 room and veranda where the view is munro field. The house at the back has got 5 rooms. Each house is equipped with kitchen and Bathroom. The house was connected by washing room.

The thing that made me feel happy is that it only took me about 7 minutes to reach the campus.

The house mates were so friendly: Tim (xie xin) Cathy (Ke yan), Sanket Joshi, Carol (former tenant) who then was taken over by Sharon malaysian. In the front there were Setyawan, Cum Phorn (Thailand) , and Aldrie (Malaysia), and one Vietnamese I forgot his name. Oh yea one more the dutch guy (Erick) who took over the Sharon’s room.