Tak banyak yang bisa aku catat di bulan Maret dan April 2006, semangat mencatat diary mengalami pasang surut, maklum sudah mulai banyak hal yang harus dilakukan. Kesibukan itulah yang membuat aku jadi nggak punya waktu mencatat di diary.

1 Mar 2006, Wednesday

– Spending time in UQ Library, – Angklung pracs, gagal krn gak banyak yang datang, anggota angklung sudah pada sibuk sendiri-sendiri ada yang pindahan, ada yang kerja, ada yang ngerjain assignment dll. – Datang di acara BSPA barbeque di Collin Clark building tepatnya di Roof-top terrace. – Part time job he he biasa dech kerjaan kasar alias cleaning. – Baihaqi from Melbourne called. – Sepulang kerja Ngobrol ame Sanket Joshi, teman kos dari India. Bokap dan Nyokap dia tinggal di New York, sementara saudara nya satu-satunya kuliah di Sydney. Si sanket ini mahasiswa Mphil jurusan bioteknologi. Si Sanket ini suka banget ngobrol, kalau ngobrol suka kelewat waktu sampai midnight, tema pembicaraan mulai dari a sampai z.

2 Mar 2006, Thursday
Lecture ECON7002 Allan Duhs, Steel Building (3) sorenya Angklung pracs

3 Mar 2006, Friday
First went to library then to Friday praying, habis jumatan lalu ke ANZ Bank untuk IISB bank account registration, pindah nama dari pengurus lama ke pengurus baru, Aku menjalankan amanah menjadi Bendahara IISB. Malamnya ngurusin Pengajian Jum’at malam

4 Mar 2006, Saturday
Part time job,going to Darra, City and Chinatown, sorenya  Angklung pracs lagi….

April 15,2006
UQISA piknik day to Byron Bay (BY) Wilayah terluar dari New South Wales yang lebih dekat ke Queensland. Together with some fellow Indonesian students, we were riding on three busess, Uqisa members and their family went to Byron bay. Saat itu langit biru cerah banget, I was exited cozz found that BY is the most easterly point of Australian continent. Buttaaa…..jalannya jauhhh banget sampe pantat pedas banget saking lamanya duduk di bis. Secara general pikniknya menyenangkan karena bisa mandi di pantai sampai basah-basah……… Ada juga yang menakutkan ketika bus kelabakan menaikin daerah hinterland ……….sampai-sampai bus harus atret ancang-ancang dulu untuk naik.


April 16 ,2006
This was such a boring day. The Easter week starting from 10 – 22 April 2006 was actually a perfect time to finish the assignment after having tough mid exam. I was little bit nervous seeing my exam result not like my expectation.

22 April 2006
Malam hari, sabtu malam aku coba menyertai Pak Hedwig nganter junkmai untuk pertama kali di Taringa. Pak Hedwig ngajarin caranya ngiderin junkmail yang baik….Setelah itu dilanjutkan dengan datanga ke acara makan-makan di warung Dapur Bali. Enak juga yach dibayarin ama Pak Hadi, di situ sudah ada beberapa pengurus IISB yang lain…..

24 April 2006
There were three guests from Indonesia coming to visit Indonesian Students in Brisbane. They were Rosdiansyah; journalist of Republika and actively involved in political practice, Irfan Amali editor at Mizan Publisher Bandung, and Mogadishu Ertanto the business analyst at Daimler Cryshler active in Al Azhar youth organization. They talked about the current islamic atmosphere in Indonesia.

The said – in present time : currently, there are many islamic organizations that bring the islam as ideology, this situation is interpretated by western as the hardline movement, why? Because it deals with the propaganda of anti western. One of the (Irfan Amali) now is trying to cover the islamic teaching that will bring harmony among many religions. He proposed a syllaby that is different to the common islamic teaching in Indonesia.”

The meeting was held in Hartley Teakle Building room s618. The lay out of the building was a little bit tricky, when I was going to that building, I felt strange, the interior building created some spaces like shafts that was hard to track. I became aware of my dream a couple months away when I was still in Indonesia, in my dream I encountered the similar situation…” Dejavu again…..”

Their points can be summarized below:

  1. Their coming to Australia was funded by Australian bases foundation, that’s why their mission was somewhat in line with the Australian Government.
  2. I did not care much about them, because they try to pease Western by introducing new Islamic thought that In my perception it would lead to deislamization.
  3. As in the liberal Islamic creed, they were actively involved in media and press that somehow they can tell irrelevant fact, in the objective of raising newspaper selling.
  4. huh huh huh…………..

Today I feel relieved because my mid term exam result is not bad……

April 25, 2006
That day is the first day of me to start delivering the junkmail… Pinjam mobil Pak Hedwig… eh bannya bocor… so harus nambal dulu n akibatnya kemaleman dech…

April 29, 2006
Monthly Pengajian was held on Prentice building room 216. As the organizing committee member of IISB I have the responsibility to manage that program. The monthly pengajian has been the fixed program of IISB since long time ago. This activity did not not only facilitate Indonesia students gathering but also to educate IISB members of the religions. The speaker was Pak Arsyad.

The bulk of junk-mail had arrrived at my home in the morning before I went to Prentice Building. As soon as arrived at home After “Pengajian” I started to fold that catalog to be delivered in the following evening. Thanks God I have some nice friends to be with to work together in delivering junk mail. I was thinking that what I have done was a kind of exercise rather than just purely a way of getting additional income…….My mood was not really good at that time.

30 April 2006
Angklung practice, over the whole day I was just trying to concentrate on my book.

I want to beat you Jason………..